Welcome to Omegle Chat

Omegle has become increasingly popular today for its format of allowing people to have a face to face live chat talk in chatroulette style of chatting. A chatroulette picks people at random, so once you enter the omegle site you will be paired up with a stranger from another location that might not be your same country. Chatting this way is very fun as you never know what the other stranger will look like. It can be male, female, old, or young. Its completely random and annoymous unless you give out your personal information. The omegle site does not require registration on your part.


Now omegle.com allows you to connect with other people based on interests. Yes, thats a great feature. Why? Lets say you are a musician and you want to talk to another musician at random. You type in where it says "what are you into? (type your interests here)" and the site will pair you up with another person that typed in the same keyword as you.

Fun Facts

  • The Omegle site has over 480K Facebook likes, 84K tweets, at any given time it has over 27,000 users connected online, and its now mobile compatible. You can also choose what language you want the text on the site to be.
  • What is the Spy Mode? This is a unique feature which allows up to three people to connect at one time. One of them is the person the asks a random question, and the other two are people who will have a discussion about the question asked. The person who originally asked the question will be the observer.
  • If you do not want to video chat, their site allows you to use a text only chat version. It will ask you as soon as you visit their site. Once you select the "text" pr "video" option you will be taken inside to begin your random chat experience.

Dont just read about it...try it out!

Visit omegle now to try it for yourself, the link is provided.

For those of you that are concerned about the video random chat, omegle is now moderated 27/7.